Cold Comfort: Global Reefer Trade Continues to Grow

British-based Drewry, a consultancy to the global maritime and shipping industry, says it expects trade in the seaborne, temperature-controlled cargo sector “to accelerate over the coming years, to expand at an average annual rate of 3% to 2026.” That’s an optimistic forecast, given the slowdown in international trade this year and talk of a pending […]

Supply Chains Undergoing Digital Transformation ‘Golden Age’

2022 was the year European aviation weathered the storm, with the year closing on 9.3 million flights: 3.1 million more than last year, even if still 1.8 million fewer than 2019. That represents a solid 83% of 2019 traffic, achieved despite the Omicron spike at the start of the year, and the invasion of Ukraine […]