Online Cargo Insurance

Our Benefits

Logistics cargo insurance

Apollo Global Experts members have access to custom transport insurance covers subject to local market conditions. Specifically, we benefit from competitive rates and our website also includes an easy and standardized transport insurance certificate. In the case of heavy lifts and OOG shipments to which standard tariffs do not apply, we help our Apollo partners with tailor made transport insurance premiums.


E&O cargo insurance

Apollo Global Experts membership also includes a custom made E&O transport insurance, which covers our members in case of inadvertent human failure, mistakes and negligent behavior. It comprises a legal liability cover, which assists our Apollo Global partners from day one a claim has been launched.


Financial security through FDRS

Unlike most logistics forwarding networks, Apollo Global Experts is not afraid to take up its responsibility in case of liabilities. Hence, our own NVOCC called the Atlas Line has been operational since more than 5 years. It allows our members to comply with international agencies like the FMC and MoT.


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